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Croatian pianist mesmerizes at São Paulo Concert Hall

Ivana Marija Vidovic became the first Croatian pianist playing in the São Paulo Concert Hall, the most prestigious concert venue in Latin America

In front of over a two thousand people who filled the São Paulo Concert Hall, Ivana Marija Vidovic became the first Croatian pianist to perform in that amazing hall which is often called “the queen of South of America”.

With the support of the Symphony Orchestra of the University of São Paulo - one of the best Symphony Orchestras in Latin America - under a conduction of maestro Luis Fernando Malheiro, Vidović played the Piano Concerto in C - sharp Minor, Op.30 by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov in honor of its 170th anniversary. This musical piece, composed in tribute to a famous pianist and composer Franz Liszt is rarely played, making the event even more special.
"The concert was very touching because the audience wasvery numerous and warm, São Paulo Concert Hall was packed completely and I felt very excited and was one of the best concerts I have done so far," said the Croatian pianist.
Ivana Marija Vidovic began playing piano as early as four years old, encouraged by her family in Dubrovnik, a very old town with about 42,000 inhabitants on theMediterranean shore.
She completed her studies during the time of the Croatian War, in 1992, which had great influence and impact on her musical education. "While I play, I'm praying for peace throughout the world," she said. "I believe that music has that power."
During her years as a student, Vidovic often presented herself in concerts despite a severe car accident in 1996 in which she broke her shoulder. "At the time, the doctor told me that I could never play agan, but here I am, in the Sala São Paulo, one of the most important in the world, and this is amazing," she said.
"For me it is like a magical dream that I never want to wake up. I want it to last forever," she explained. Vidovic also thanked dearly the opportunity to appear in front of the numerous Brazilian public. "It gives me such a great pride to represent my country for such a special audience in such hall," Vidovic concludes.
The pianist is also known for writing poetry and has published works in Croatia and Italy. In 2006 she became a member of the Association Akkuaria, where she won numerous awards and in 2010 she became Ambassador of Italian Culture.

Roberto Fidelio, journalist, São Paulo

Photo by:  Alessandra Lelis


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