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A luxurious Aman resort to open in Cavtat
One of the most unique and luxurious hotel brands in the world, the Aman resorts, offering tailor – made and personalized experience, is soon to be open in Cavtat, near Dubrovnik.
One of the most significant tourism investments in Croatia, an opening of Aman resort in the picturesque city of Cavtat, located only 10 minutes away from Dubrovnik, may see light of a day soon. This Friday, the Resort's representatives, together with DarkoLorencin, Croatian Minister of Tourism, will hold a press conference when they will reveal all the details and investment plans.
Aman resorts is a luxury hotel collection, operating since 1988 in some of the world's most  stunning locations like Thailand, Bhutan, Indonesia, Italy, Laos, Sri Lanka etc.  Founded by Adrian Zecha, Aman Resort's goal has always been to offer the ultimate luxury experience and to provide the highest level of service. Today AmanResorts has 25 luxury resorts and hotels in its portfolio, but it continues to seek new investment and growth possibilities.

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