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Thank you, Sir. We remember you. Michael Foot, British politician and a leader of the Labour Party who supported Dubrovnik when we needed it the most

One of the most important documentaries at the time that talked about the terrible war in the region during the 1990s, was the famous ‘Two hours from London’, a movie directed by Jilly Craigic and Michael Foot. They were both passionately in love with Dubrovnik and Croatia, and back then their movie was a small hope, but still a hope, that the world leaders would understand all the horror that Croatia was going through, only two hours away from London.
Michael Foot was a politician, a writer and a journalist. This year the world marks 100 years of his birth, and the citizens of his hometown Plymouth plan to build a memorial in his honor.  One of our readers suggested that we all contribute, even if it’s only a euro or two, to thank him for supporting Dubrovnik and Croatia when we needed help as never before.  
It takes a special courage to do that: to give support and love when no one else does.

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